Scallop Box tutorial

IMG_4284 To make a Scallop Envelope box, you need the following materials…

Big Shot, Scallop envelop die, cardstock, cutting plastic, Premium Crease Pad, and the "shims" or milky plastic that comes with the crease pad.  I wrote DO NOT CUT on mine so that they wouldn't be confused with "scrap"!!

IMG_4285 To create the right sandwich, place the cutting plastic down, the shims (the plastic pieces I marked DO NOT CUT) and then the die right on top of the shims–notice the shims are the same size as the die.

Then (not pictured) add your cardstock and then the crease pad on top…the crease pad replaces the top piece of cutting plastic, so you don't need that on top…

IMG_4286 When you do that, you get a perfectly scored scallop envelope!!

The crease pad (and shims) should be used with anything that has score lines…that includes the following dies:

  • Scallop Envelope, 5-point 3D Star, Pillow Box, Petal Card,Circle 3D Ornament

We also now have a Extended Crease Pad available for the XL dies that require scoring such as the Basket and Blooms, Pennant, Box #2, Bag with Scallops, Movers and Shapers Curly Label, new Matchbox Die from the Mini catalog, and the new pop-up dies.
IMG_4289 Now, to create the box, you need 4 scallop envelops (I've used So Saffron here), and you don't need one of the side tabs, so you can omit that on the die by placing the paper on the die off the tab as shown in the next picture.

    This is especially helpful because you can fit the "one tab" version on a 1/4 sheet of cardstock…otherwise the full envelope takes more like a 1/2 sheet

IMG_4288 See how I placed the paper off the tab so that it will be omitted when run through the machine?

Glue each tab to the straight edge of the next as shown.

Then glue the last tab to the other end of the straight edge to form a box.


Fold the bottom flaps and glue to form the box.

I used Mono Multi glue for every step!


Add paper and Voila…a box!!

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