Back with a Bang!!

Hi all,

Thanks so much for being so patient with me while I caught up with "life!"  After coming home from Hawaii, I spent the next week unpacking, and re-packing and preparing for the Stampin Up! Regional Seminar that I attended with 4 of my downline in Minneapolis!  I was also asked to present a 5 minute "Workshop Wow" and of course wasn't even remotely prepared until about the time I got up on stage in front of 500+ demonstrators Saturday afternoon!! :)  Luckily, I rocked the Regional (If I can just say…and I am still coming up off my "successful presentation high" Hee hee!!  I tried my hardest to get the crowd going and I believe I was successful!!  It was nice to have so many of my downline and friends in the audience cheering me on!  Thanks to all who were there and were loud and obnoxious for me–I really appreciated it! :)  If that wasn't enough…we hosted Easter last weekend with guests coming starting on Thursday…when does a girl get to breathe?  We had a great time with my sister and her family, my aunt and cousins and friends!  Plus there was turkey, so where could you go wrong?  Back to my Stampin Up event….

A special Thank You to my dear friend Deb, who photo-documented my presentation,,,,

CSC_3453 Must have fresh lipstick when going onstage!

CSC_3491 There is a funny thing that happens when you present onstage…first of all the lights on you are really bright so you can't really see the audience…then they have moniters in front of you on the floor (that you can see…) and they show you what is on the big screens off to the side…when you look up and see yourself on camera…AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Very Scary!!


CSC_3495 This is me (on the screens) being silly…that is what I believe I do best! ๐Ÿ™‚

I think it may have been when I realized I forgot to take a pair of scissors onstage with me (I always say I forget 1 thing everytime…) so then HOW WAS I GOING TO CUT STICKY STRIP??  The thought of using my teeth did cross my mind, but I figured that wouldn't end well for anyone (especially those watching).  So, instead I decieded to look out to my fellow demos (a gracious woman was on her way with hers…I am so thankful to her!!)

I believe that is her hed in the shot–she was going to toss them up to me when about 100 people from the crowd sayd "DON'T THROW 'EM!!" Needless to say she rescued me and I am forever grateful to her! ๐Ÿ™‚

DSC_3480 Here is one of the projects I demonstrated…as any resourceful demonstrator would do, I copied the idea for this technique from a fellow Demo, Jan Tink.  She is wildly creative and super fun!  I called her up to ask if I could copy her technique, and she was so sweet to let me–I told her I would send her some of what I came up with in the mail as a thank you…so I need to get myself to the postoffice!!   THANKS JAN–everyone loved it!!


This is one of the projects that I showed..and you can see how to make it below….

The technique from my presentation is creating a scallop edge behind a circle or oval where we don't have a coordinating scallop punch.  And, due to my amazing skills and some trick photography, I have a tutorial in the next post…

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  1. Yup, it’s scissor woman’s head. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great presentation Dena, you’re a natual. Regionals was a fantastic time and I can’t wait to go next year!!!


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