What a week!

Hi everyone,

I just returned from convention and had a truly amazing week!  


This is one of the best pictures of me on stage–I was awarded the #55 demonstrator of the year–my best place ever!  That means that out of about 50,000 demonstrators only 54 beat me! 🙂  I had a fantastic time and it truly was the best convention I have ever attended!  And given that it was probably my 12th or 13th convention, that is saying something!


This is my friend, Robin, from Virginia.  She is a really amazing lady and I just adore her!  Her husband even attended convention with her this year–how sweet is that!  She said he was  a great sport about the whole week!  Somehow I just can't see Andy putting up with me through all that!


This is my friend and former SAM (Service Account Manager), Maxine.   She is adorable and has been a huge supporter of me for a couple of years now.  Stampin Up changed the SAM program and I no longer have her–I am so sad! 🙁


This is my downline, Chelley–she came to her first convention with me this year and had a blast.  I think she was a bit overwhelmed, but I am pretty sure she loved every minute!  We had a fantastic time together!  I was thrilled to see convention through her first timer eyes, too!

More details to come…

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