What a week!

Hope you are all doing well…I've had a good 10 days or so! :)  Here is a little recap:

IMG_8571 (2)
I checked into the awards booth…stamp sets, pins, ribbons….and a BAG!!! (or should I say, THE BAG!!)

IMG_8572 (2) Here it is…my ticket to the Founder's Circle…the top demonstrators in the company (and it also gets me another trip–this one will be in September to Southern Utah).  I was THRILLED!!

IMG_8504 Every year has a specific theme and here is this year's:  Share what you love, which is pretty appropriate.  That is totally what we do!   After the thrill of my award check in, I had to get ready for my demonstration that evening…it was a 70's themed party and I had one of 6 booths–mine was themed around Wedding Invitations.

IMG_8579 (2) That's me and my booth…

IMG_8581 (2) We had fun:)

IMG_8719 (2)
They had an area where you could take pictures with your friends…these are my friends from California, mostly.  I've known most of them the entire time I've been a demonstrator…11 1/2 years!!  We always hang out for events, and I just love each of them.  They have been super supportive of me and one another…I absolutely love knowing them, having fun with them and having them in my Stampin Up Family!

IMG_8653 This is Chari–she and I have been roomates at events for several years–she is such a sweet woman–I am so lucky to have met her–she is one of many, many amazing people I have met attending Stampin Up events.  I am truly at home when I go to these events because of all the fantastic people I've met all over the country (and even around the world) at conventions, leadership and regional seminars.  That is my favorite part of attending these events!

IMG_8646 (2)
This is a picture from awards night–these are some amazing ladies also who I will be hanging out with on my Dounder's Circle trip.  Jen (next to me) is one of my fabulous friends who is actually from Cedar Falls (she grew up here), but she lives in Colorado Springs. 

IMG_8656 (2)
At awards night there are several categories..I placed 68th out of about 50,000 demonstrators (not too shabby!!)  I was very excited and we all get to go on stage and hug Shelli (the co-founder and CEO of Stampin Up) She is so gracious…she said she liked my dress and had noticed it earlier…how sweet is that? 

IMG_8662 (2)
It was a great night…what a thrill! 

IMG_9265 On the last day of convention, they often have given us a small stamp set or other small gift…this year they gave each of us a stamp set, pack of printed paper an ink pad and a new glass glitter all from the new Holiday Mini catalog that will start in September…it was the Biggest, most amazing (and unexpected) gift…of course we all went wild and crazy when they announced it…what a great treat!

That's it for now…I've got 18 people coming for dinner tonight…gotta go!


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