Watercolor Words are THE best!!


I know what you are thinking….every time I write a blog post, enevitably I am in love….I KNOW!  BUT SERIOUSLY…this set is THE BEST!!!  Ok, I'm done.  But this set is my fav!!  It has all kinds of good things going for it:  It is in the style of Watercolor (which is so popular, easy to create with, and makes you look fancy in your stamping because of the watercolor effects are already "in" the stamp itself).  Secondly the words are big and fun.  While I am usually a huge fan of the tiny words that you can punch on a strip or create a flag with, sometimes a girl just needs a big word stamp to stamp over the top of something!  This is it!!  Plus it has cute images to create 2-step effects with!  BONUS!  Hoope you like it!  Make sure to subscribe to my blog for all the latest updates as well as subscribe to my newsletter.  Both are found on the right———-> If you are in love with these awesome products, please stop by my store and pick a few up!  The pictures of the products will take you there!  Thansk so much for your support and for stopping by!

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