This is the *real* reason stamping is so good!

Hi all,

I am busy working on my Friday Quickie to post later today, but I ran across this on FB this morning, and I just had to share! I can't tell you how important stamping has been in my life.  I truly believe it has been the best therapy I've ever had–and believe me I've needed something to take away the heartache!  This is such a beautiful piece and while it focuses on let's just say, "older" folks, I started stamping at age 24.  And about a year later I would have a gigantic heartbreak in my life. You can read about it here, if you'd like–it's quite a story. I've been dealing with it ever since.  In the mean time, I've had another huge issue occur (one I keep private at this point) that actually pales in comparison to the first one.  Again, stamping to the rescue. Every once in a while it becomes very clear to me why stamping is in my life! We all have baggage and I think a huge part of life is how we handle it.  While I would never claim to have mastered anything in life, I think I've mastered knowing that having an outlet is so incredibly important.  A creative outlet is so good because you can escape in it, it is healthy and uplifting, and at the end you have something amazing: your creations.  All good things.

In addition, I am amazed by comments I have had from people over the years who tell me things like I've made their day, they find joy in stamping, I even had a wonderful friend tell me that I was,"her New Year's Resolution" to do something fun and get out! People have told me that through stamping themselves, they have improved their situation or gotten through "things".  That is impressive–and I certainly can relate! Just thought I'd share!



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  1. WOW, Dena! You have quite a story! I read every word. Can’t imagine what ELSE you’re going through if it’s worse than that.
    I’m so glad you found stamping and are willing to share that with others via YouTube. That’s how I found you. I get your updates by email now and check your Channel all the time. I LOVE what you create! THANK YOU.
    And please, please, please know God loves you. With the best kind of love there is.

  2. I also just read your story…every word! Incredible! I will be praying for you in your current trial.
    I love your stamping inspiration and look forward to each new project you share!

  3. Oh my goodness, Dena, I am so sorry you have had to endure such heartache. I will lift you and your family up in prayer. So glad to have you ‘in my life’ even thought we have never met! Hugs!!!!!

  4. Hi Dena, I am a Canadian SU demonstrator ( just a hobby demo!) and I found some of your videos on YouTube.
    First let me say, I love you! ,your laugh and voice and humour and wit is infectious… Not to mention your talent!
    I love your videos, cards, ideas! I thought to myself, I have to find her blog…. well with a new iPhone and not being very technically savvy, it took me sometime but I’m so happy I persevered!
    I read your story. I only read it because I also read that you had struggled with depression and had decided enough was enough and you had to snap out of it! Your story was so sad but it really made me realize that my intuition about you was right…..
    we could be friends if we lived closer! I too , suffer from depression and have relied on meds and therapy for 21 years!Yikes!
    I know you are “one tough broad”!!!! You have to be! I felt a kindred spirit in you the first time I heard your voice, it made me smile! So, I just want to say, hang in there girl! You are worth it! Best of luck with your SU business! I am subscribed to your blog now( at least I think I did that right!) I very much look forward to learning more from you.
    You inspire me, so thank you very much.
    Warm regards,
    Patti Mercer
    PS. My Grampa was from Iowa! Lol!

  5. Dena, I recently found you through your YouTube videos. As others have mentioned, your lovely infectious voice captivated me …. and your excitement and love of paper crafting is so evident. I also love card making and share your enthusiasm. I’ve subscribed to your blog as well as to your YouTube channel. I’ve just read your post where you describe the heartbreaking experience with your parents. Oh, how it saddens me that you’ve had this painful experience! Please know that you are in my heart and in my prayers. Be assured that the Lord is walking this journey with you and He is waiting with open arms to comfort and strengthen you. The Lord is the strength of my life and my best Friend and I know He wants to be your best Friend, too! Just talk to Him and ask Him to make Himself known to you. He will be delighted to respond to you with loving kindness.

  6. Thank you for sharing, both the inspirational video and your incredible story. Both remind me that I need to spend more creative time and that we are all stronger than we think. Being in a transitional period in my life, the inspiration is helpful.
    I found your blog via a beautiful pin on pinterest. You do some beautiful work.


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