Hi all,

I am so excited that it is Friday…especially since I have Carl at daycare today (He doesn’t usually go on Fridays but we switched days today).  I have an AWESOME project that I am working on for my recruits–I am taking them out to dinner tonight at the Olive Garden (yum!) and I’ll share the project with you shortly–gotta keep it a secret until they see them tonight!!  The ones who can’t come get something, too–but it is a little different!

I have a little contest for you….post a comment on TODAY’s post and you’ll get a coupon for a FREE CLASS!!!  I will draw one from all the responses I get….make sure you tell all your friends to check it out!!  If more than 40 people post, I’ll give out two!!  You have until Monday Morning at 8am!!

More cards…

Img_0654This awesome card is actually one of the cards that comes with the kits (click here) I still have a limited number of each available, so let me know if you’d like to order!!!

This card is in the kit of projects (you get to make 2 each of 4 different cards)…and it comes with pre-cut cs and color directions!!

This is from the Beautiful Thing Kit.

Img_0674This awesome card (MY FAVORITE) is from the other kit, the One of a Kind Kit. 

The idea is borrowed from an unlikely source (sort of)…a note pad that I got at Wally world..

How cool is that…have you ever noticed a woman can never have enough notepads….???

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5 thoughts on “TGIF”

  1. I think you should clarify your free class coupon offer. At first read, it looks like you are giving one to anyone who responds. When I re-read it I take it to mean you will be giving out ONE coupon if 40 or less people post a response. Don’t want you to have angry customers if they misread it as well.
    Keep posting the neat ideas.
    You are right, Susan–Bad Dena!! I should have written that better. Thanks for pointing it out!!

  2. A Free class to a lucky person……..How cool is that! (About as cool as Cool Caribbean!) Again, awesome cards. Love the One of a kind card!

  3. WHA-HOO!!! A free class!!! awesome! Can we choose which class? Even the Stamp your art out?!?!
    🙂 you rock Dena!
    See you tomorrow!

  4. Love the wonderful friend card. I’d been looking at your class list–want to take more than one so it would be great to be the lucky winner! Stay warm.


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