Stampin Up’s Witching Decor Kit

CAN YOU HEAR THE SQUEELING?????  I am soooooo in love with this new kit I can hardly keep it together!!  It prompted a rather epic Selphie Battle with my dear friend, Kimberly VanDiepen (and her daughter, husband and dog)!  We were both super-duper excited about our pre-order of the Holiday Catalog items (demonstrators pre-order before the catalog comes out) and I literally opened the box and dove straight into this project.  The funny thing is that I wasn't even sure I was going to order it and I am SOOOOO glad I did!  Now I normally don't share too much on my blog when my customers can't order it, but I was hoping that this would help you plan ahead (and I might burst if I don't share!!!)

Stampin Up Witching Kit-001

Now, first off, if you take off the Halloween stuff–you absolutely have the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter–in fact my friend Deb told me I would be placed in Stampindor House!!  Hee hee!  If you can get over that, it is a GORGEOUS decor piece that would be amazing on a table, mantle or as a centerpiece!  The single best part of this kit:  It took me just over an hour to complete and that included interruptions from my kids demanding lunch (sheesh!!) as well as  photo ops posted on Social Media (I told you, I just couldn't help myself!)  After the video, there are more still pics and cards I made using the left-overs of the kit (there are tons of leftovers!!!!)  YAY!


Stampin Up Witching Kit_2-001

Stampin Up Witching Kit_2_2-001

Stampin Up Witching Kit_2_2_2-001

…and a bell on top!!!  SQUEE!!!

Stampin Up Witching Kit_2_2_2_2-001

First Card That I made!!

Stampin Up Witching Kit_2_2_2_2_2-001

Stampin Up Witching Kit_2_2_2_2_2_2-001

Stampin Up Witching Kit_2_2_2_2_2_2_2-001

Stampin Up Witching Kit_2_2_2_2_2_2_2_2-001

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