Stampin Up’s Leadership was a blast!

I am sitting in my hotel room avoiding my least favorite part of a Stampin Up trip: Packing to go home!

I had such a blast here in Orlando….do you want to hear how awful it was:  I sweat a lot!!  It was 80ish everyday and SUPER DUPER HUMID, and as much as my good ol Midwest friends are jealous to not be in this, I really was missing the cooler days of home!  Now, don't go yelling at me cause I know it just got cold, but I really did find it odd to be hot and sweaty in January!

As for my trip, what a blast!  I met up with many of my old friends and made a few new ones!  I was inspired and invigorated by the presentations, and I also was asked to present and really enjoyed that as well!


This is a pic from my class on Organization!  Now, for my local customers, don't laugh too much about me presenting on Organization….my office may not be clean….but you know I can find what I need!!!  It really was on Time Management and we really needed a presentation on this topic, and I never thought it would be me giving the talk!  Andy helped me work out a fantastic system with my white board a few months ago, and I really have put it to good use…I'll put more info up on this soon (I know, you've asked for it)…

The presentation went really well and I had so many positive comments on my talk, which, I'm not gonna lie, was AWESOME to hear!!  I really wanted to help people see how great it can be and if you are a customer of mine or just someone who follows my blog, it can be super great no matter what you do!  Again, come back in about a week for more info!


Our amazing leader:  Shelli Gardner!  She is truly an inspiration to all of us demonstrators and is BELOVED by us.  She started our company 25 years ago with her sister, Vonna and can you believe it all began in her living room?  WOW! 

There were several cool announcements from Stampin Up and this was one of the coolest ones:  Dude, You're Welcome!  A kit for men to stamp!  Before you go judging….it was really neat and here is a preview!  They will be available on MONDAY!!  Yippie!!


Hope you have a great day! 


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