Sending Sunshine and Rainbows!

Join me on my Sending Sunshine and Rainbows Group to share handmade cards with deserving recipients, nominate someone to receive cards and be inspired by stamping! More details on my blog at

I am sure by now you know that I somehow manage to stay pretty busy! Hee Hee! Could you hear the sarcasm in my voice, maybe just a little, LOL!  While my Stampin Up business keeps me working more than full time, and you probably know that I am fairly passionate about sharing my love of all things Stamping, I wanted to share a little bit about a very special group I started a couple of months ago!

Sending Sunshine and Rainbows was something I had kind of been doing for a while, but had not yet really organized into an official capacity.  I had shared some opportunities with my social media followers to share their handmade cards with some deserving people and discovered it had an impressive effect on several different people.  I knew I wanted to capitalize on how we could really make an impact on people with our amazing hobby! I started planning and brainstorming how I could best do this. Fast forward to March.  You may have heard that there is some kind of virus just hanging out all over the world….and things got kind of dark kind of quick!  Well, I put my plan into action a bit sooner than I anticipated because I knew we could do some really awesome things!

Together, in about 2 months, we have sent well over 1000 handmade cards to people all over the US (and even a few outside of the US) for all kinds of reasons. People who have endured tragedy, illness and loss, small children who can't understand why they don't get to celebrate birthdays with friends and families, front line workers who are helping others, graduates who won't be able to enjoy their accomplishments, and those who because of social distancing are separated by their loved ones.  So many sweet and so many heartbreaking stories.  But through all of it, we have the opportunity to truly make a difference and brighten even those dark days with Sunshine and Rainbows!

I am so honored to be able to facilitate such happiness (especially in the times of such challenges as we are facing today) with your help!

Join me on my Sending Sunshine and Rainbows Group to share handmade cards with deserving recipients, nominate someone to receive cards and be inspired by stamping! More details on my blog at Join the RAK group!

In addition to being able to make a difference, we also share our love of sending cards with one another through our RAK list (Random Act of Kindness).  You can join the RAK group and share birthday cards with fellow members each month, if you' d like.  It is always so much fun to send and receive cards with people all over the country and even world! It is so fun to see people post the cards they receive and share the happiness it brings them!

Join me on my Sending Sunshine and Rainbows Group to share handmade cards with deserving recipients, nominate someone to receive cards and be inspired by stamping! More details on my blog at Enjoy INSPIRATION with a FREE monthly Class!

And finally, I offer a FREE class once a month to members of the Sending Sunshine and Rainbows group! As mentioned, I am passionate about sharing my love of stamping.  It has brought me my very best friends, allowed me to build a stamping business that I am incredibly proud of, share my love of crafting to uplift and inspire others, connect with amazing people from every corner of the globe and even travel the world! 

I hope you will join me on my Facebook Group and help send some Sunshine and Rainbows to others or nominate a deserving person to be showered with cards! You can find the group here (make sure to answer the questions to join).

As always, THANK YOU for being a part of The Creativity Cave and I hope you'll join my Sending Sunshine and Rainbows group!

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