Scallop Border and Corner Tutorial

Finally, I've got a Tutorial for the scallop border and corner punches.  I will admit these can be a little frustrating–but when you've got a few little tidbits of info, they are EASY!!

Here we go…


Start with a piece of 4 1/4" square piece of cardstock. 

One thing I didn't realize is that there is a small guide (see I am pointing to each of them).  If you put your piece of paper along the guide, you can punch a perfect corner….

Here is what you get once you've done all the corners.  Now you could totally stop here and I think this looks great–but use the border punch, too and you can have the whole square piece perfect…

Start by lining up a corner on one of the corner pictures on the border punch. 

Notice the paper will line up on one corner (but not the other).  Make sure the un-punched edge is actually touching the back edge of the punch (as in your paper is in all the way).  Punch…

Here is what you get,….but you've got a little bit left that is not punched…what to do?  In order to get a perfect edge, you need to turn the punch over

This shows that the top scallop is where the left over un punched area is…the bottom 3 scallops are lined up with the previously punched areas.  You only want that top scallop to be the one that is punching the left over areas.  Why?

Well, if you shift them up, the bottom scallops can punch into the bottom corner (or vice-versa).  When you have more than one scallops' worth of space to punch, line up the top two (and so on) spots to punch the remaining scallops.

Here is the perfect edge…continue with the remainder of the square…

Here are some more square sizes (they are the sizes of the paper before punching…plus one more I did not have in the picture (4 3/4")

So what if you want a rectangle?  Use a combination of sizes (for instance 3 3/16"x 2 7/16")

Here is a BEAUTIFUL card that I made based on something my good friend,Kimberly made):

IMG_0302 The square I started with for the scallops is 3 13/16–it is a funky size but it works great!!  Hope you enjoyed this tutorial…let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Dena, thank you for the tutorial. This makes for a quick reference place for me to go and find the measurements. I really appreciate it.


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