Oh Glorious Day!!!!

The Very best day of the year!!!!!Backtoschool1

Back to school 2

Now make no mistake, I asolutely Love my children, but we have had A LOT OF TOGETHER time this summer–especially at the end and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ready for them to be back on a regular schedule which leaves me some time in the day for interruption free work!  I am so happy!! I am just not one of those parents who cries (at least not at this)!  I kind of think I am missing that gene.  I've always loved my kids growing up and the next milestones they've reached (with the exception of having a teenaged girl.  That SUCKS and there should be local support groups that serve wine).

I truly think it is good for all of us to be back in school!  I do belive that at some point today, champagne will be popped up and a toast will be made!! 🙂  The good news is this means I can get extra serious about stamping–I have really been struggling all summer to put together back to back times of stamping with out interuptions, trips to the pool, going to the library, running errands, making lunches, making deals with the devil, breaking up brawls, and generally showing my kids what it means to truly "freak out"….okay this list may be just a teensy bit of an exaggeration, but it's somewhat true! 🙂 We did check out books this year….


I thought this card was perfect–it has a bright and happy look to it!  It also has a great sentiment from the set, Friendly Wishes! I hope you like it!  Drop me a comment on your thoughts, won't you? As always, to order items, simply click on the links below to get to my online store!  Your business is very much appreciated!

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