Nugget Purses

I've had several requests for formal directions for my little Valentine Nugget Purses.  I recieved these little treasues from my good friend Susan.  She was swapping them at my Phoenix Leadership trip in Jan. and I have had tons of complements on them.  They were also a treat we made in my Valentine Treats and Treasures class.  So here is a little tutorial to make them for your sweets:

Start with a 3×5 piece of printed paper.


Score 1/2" in on the long sides.

On one end, score at 1 1/4" and 1 3/4".

On the OTHER end, snip to the score line at 2"on both sides (I just flipped on up a bit so you could see better–do it on both sides).  THen cut that piece out.

Round the corners on the area where you cut out the ends.  Cut in on the first score areas to form tabs. 

Here is the piece showing all the measurements/cuts

Next fold up the purse and glue together.  I added ribbon with glue dots to form the handle of the purse.  The nuggets are Hershey's nuggets covered with a 1×3" piece of printed paper.  If you put a glue dot on the ends of the printed paper, you can wrap the paper around the nugget.


You can put a brad through the end of the flap (or a button) and I used a half of a velcro disk to hold the purse closed.

Super cute!

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