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Kanab welcome sign

This is from the entry of the Kanab facility–they had everything decorated so nicely for our visit!


After we tourned the Kanab facility, we headed to the "Rubber Park" a playground that is made possible from Stampin Up and it uses ground up rubber under all the playground equipment…we of course took lots of pictures!

Rubber air

Walking on all that rubber was really squishy! 🙂


And, like any good event with friends, my room was TP'd by a friend! 🙂


One really special treat was that Stampin UP took us to see the Little Mermaid at a really amazing place called, Tuacahn, a naturally formed ampitheater where they flooded the stage for the performance…it was amazing!

Lil Mermaid

Here are my friends, Catherine, Jen and Jo at the show…

Golf carts

So on the last afternoon, we had our "final event" which we had no idea what it would be….so we pull up to this beautiful golf course and we were on the bus going, oh my goodness….I CAN'T GOLF!!!!  So there was this huge line of golf carts and we were on teams of 7 and given 4 golf carts per team to zoom around the 9 hole course to complete a little challenge on each hole.  Many were golf related (drive a marshmallow as far as you can, putt the ball and if you hit a Stampin Up product, you'll get that one for free) and some were stamping related…there was a TRIVIA stop–and those of you who thought my trivia challenge was tough from my hostess appreciation dinners–that was nothing!  There were 17 questions and we got 2 right (the best score out of 17 teams!!)  Aren't you proud of me! 🙂

Cart 2

This is me and Marlayne, a Canadian demonstrator on my team.  I had never drove a golf cart, before so that was interesting! 🙂

Shelli Golf

Shelli was running one of the challenges, so that was fun!  Her's involved a marshmallow, too! 🙂


I think the funniest part of the whole event (besides how rediculous we looked!) was that there were all these Jack Rabbits EVERYWHERE…we saw hundreds of them!!  This is my favorite pic of the biggest ears! 🙂



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