I have it figured out…

After a LONG time of trying to figure out what was going on, my dear technical advisor helped me figure out what was wrong with my blog…I had downloaded the newest version of Internet Explorer, which did not jive with this blog, so using a different browser, I am able to write to you today–YEA!

So here are some pics from my cruise:


Andy and I went on a Sea Kayaking excursion which was really cool…

SmallAD Glacier

This is us in front of the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau


This is a picture from the Tracy Arm Fjord that we cruised at 6am one day…we were headed up to the end which was a Glacier (next pic) and the scenerey was unbelievable!  This was one of many, many beautiful waterfalls that we saw (and one of the many, many pics I took!)  They told us the fjord shot up 7000 feet from the water!  It was unbelievable!  There was a cloudy, mist hanging in the air that was really cool, too!


The color of the ice was so amazing!  I, of course loved it because it was very much Cool Caribbean looking! 🙂


Speaking of amazing colors, this was the view out of our cabin most nights!


Then the definate highlight of our trip was our whale-watching excursion!  It was amazing!!!  I had such a great time–there were so many whales we literally had to choose which ones to look at a few times!  This was a mom and pup Orca–we could even hear them squaking at each other which was super cool!


This is a picture of a humpback whales fluke–we were not quite as close as this picture (I cropped in on it a bit) but we were close enough to see the barnacles on his tail!!  That was so amazing!

Come on back tomorrow and I'll have some cards for you!

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