Help and Prayers for our neighbors

Hi all,

As I am sure you all are in awe by the tornados that came through our area on Sunday evening, please keep the people in our communities in your prayers. It is surreal to see the devistation–a wonderful community almost entirely wiped away so quickly… I have several customers from the Parkersburg/New Hartford/Dunkerton and surrounding areas and I hope and pray that each is safe with their families.  You all are in our hearts and prayers as you try to regroup and rebuild.

I am a little frustrated in that I would love to offer my hand to help clean up, cook or whatever needs to be done for these people that have lost so much–I was ready to drive out and help on Monday, but it seems based on the news and paper that the best way to help is to donate to the local Red Cross.  Please join me in doing so–our family will be making a contribution–but I would like to use my business to do the same, so through Saturday, May 31st, I will donate 30% of my sales to the Red Cross.  Please help me make a great contribution to a very worthy and sound organization. I am confident they will use the resources the very best/most efficient way possible!!

As a small token of my thanks, every order through May 31st will also recieve a package of my die-cuts–your choice!!

Please keep the families devistated by this storm in your prayers–their stories are so heartfelt–it just gives me pause to consider the sheer power of mother nature. And if you are one of the people who have suffered damage to your home or your loved one’s home, please know your community (and certainly the surounding communities) are supporting you as best we can.  Please let us know what we can do to help you!!

Most sincerely,


Please call me 319-553-0066 or e-mail me with your orders (or any questions you may have) and I will keep you posted with how much money we’ve raised!!  Thank you so much for your support!!

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