Happy Tuesday

Hi everyone!  Hope that you are all enjoying this lovely weather…oh, that's right it isn't that great out…but it is good for stamping!

I wanted to share some fun projects that I've made recently…hope you like 'em!

IMG_5000 This jar is super easy and fun!  I had made a couple of different ones for Halloween, and decided that I needed a jar that did not have candy in it (I can't eat these balls!!)  I found the jar at either Target or Walmart (they may even be at both).  This is the smaller of the two.  I got the balls at Hobby Lobby–they are plastic as I am tired of breaking balls!!  But everyone has balls this time of year (hee, hee!)

The NOEL is from the Holiday Mix Decor Elements from Stampin' Up!'s  Holiday Mini Catalog (p. 30).  I cut out the ones I wanted to attach: The Noel and the snowflakes, and put them on…took 5 minutes!!


These Ho Ho Ho panels are one of my favorites!!  The idea is based on something my friend Liz had done, but I changed it around a bit.  I used the Retro Holiday printed paper from the Stampin Up's Big catalog and then the On Board Ho Ho Ho from page 17 of the Holiday Mini catalog.  I attached the paper to some 12×12 canvas boards that I purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I attached the paper to the canvas with spray adhesive–a glue stick would work even better.  I attached the Ho Ho Ho's with Mono Multi glue.  It works great!  The center "ho" (that sounds terrible!) has a large snowflake (it is a bigz die) and the other 2 snowflakes are in ruby red with the snowflake punch.  These took a little longer to make…maybe 10-15 minutes!

I plan to put these up either on the wall or over my fireplace on the mantle.  FUN Stuff!

IMG_4994 This is one of my favorites!  It is going to be put up at my front door.  The Dasher Decor element is featured like this in the Decor brochure, but it is directly attached to the wall and the frame is hanging around it.  I decided, while I LOVE Dasher, I didn't want him on my wall 12 months a year, so I attched him to some mat board (again from Hobby Lobby) and tacked it into this openback frame (..you guessed it..hobbylobby!)  I added the ribbon before tacking it in and I JUST love it!!!!

IMG_4999 Here is a super quick and easy (and inexpensive) gift idea…I found the cup at the dollar tree store for 50cents and I added the snowflake from the Icicle Rub-ons (holiday mini catalog, p. 27) and a little ribbon.  The mocha packets also came from the Dollar Tree and were 4 for $1.  I only have one in the pic, but you could put as many as you wanted in it.  The best part is that you can totally jazz it up with a Starbucks gift card to make it a bigger gift!  I would not wash the cup (it would be more decorative than functional–I doubt the rubon would stand up to scrubbing!)

Hope you like these projects!!  If you think they are good, you should come to my Decor class…we will be making the wood blocks (from p. 30 of the mini catalog), a wreath, and a framed picture.  Class is Monday Dec. 7th at 10am or 7pm.   Please RSVP asap so I can have supplies ordered in time!



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