Friday Quickie Video Series: Ridiculously Cute Reindeer


Ridiculously Cute Reindeer made with Stampin Up Punches

Ridiculously Cute Reindeer made with Stampin Up Punches

OH MY GOSH!!!  Hold onto your hats!!  I have a ridiculously cute project and video tutorial for you today!!!!  I have to thank my good friend, Jill Hilliard who shared this idea with me and I turned it into an ADORABLE gift card holder.  I am not usually one to go nuts over "cute" stuff.  I like the vintage look, pretty flowers, and gorgeous backgrounds (that's been my thing lately…) BUT, this is just so dang cute I can hardly stand it!  I tried hard not to squeal in the video and I think I succeeded!



Ridiculously Cute Reindeer made with Stampin Up Punches

Chart to break down punches needed to make reindeer gift card pouch

Here are the pieces you'll need.  This is an outstanding way to use up scraps, too!


Ridiculously Cute Reindeer made with Stampin Up Punches

Ridiculously Cute Reindeer Gift Card Pouch made with Stampin Up Punches

Assembly is easy–I start from the body and work my way up.  Add the head with a dimensional.


Ridiculously Cute Reindeer made with Stampin Up Punches

Close up of Reindeer made from Stampin Up Punches

Like, seriously, can you stand how cute this is???  I am just loving it!


Ridiculously Cute Reindeer made with Stampin Up Punches

Adhere a gift card to the insert with glue dots

I used a couple glue dots to adhere the gift card to the pull out card here.  It is not shown in my photo, but it is in my video.  SO stinking cute!

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21 thoughts on “Friday Quickie Video Series: Ridiculously Cute Reindeer”

  1. Love this video. So glad you shared on Facebook and I found it. I love that you have your butt out (I have to have my tongue hanging just right out the side of my mouth) and yes that scrap looks like the fish in nemo!

  2. He’s so cute!!!! Looks just like the new reindeer die I’ve seen all over Pinterest. I likes yours better! Thank you so much for sharing how to make him. Just way too cute!

  3. I saw little Rudie on Connie Stewart’s blog and video. She said your name and I googled it and found you! He has to be the cutest one out there using the owl punch! Thanks for the inspiration and I gotta sign up to get more inspiration from you. I looked at some of your blog and loved it. Can’t wait to see more videos too. Thanks a bunch! Hope I can still get in on your Christmas Series!

  4. Hi Chris–where in Iowa are you? Im in Cedar Falls!! Glad you liked my project!! Connie is a very good friend of mine!! Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to sign up for my mailing list!!
    Sent from my iPhone

  5. Holy all things that are way too inkin’ cute & punched!!! Dena, where have you been my whole life, girl?!? I am pretty damn certain we were separated at birth! I am SO glad that I am not the only one that has NO CLUE what the words “quick”, “short” and “in a nutshell” means, LOL! And I completely mean that sincerely!!! If I had a dollar for every time someone in my Stampin’ Up! “family tree” said, “Ok, you think maybe you can shorten it up a bit/condense it down/be less wordy/etc” I wouldn’t have to be a demonstrator to support my habit! LOL! But hey, I’m Italian & we don’t do anything half assed, ya know?
    I was dying with all of your side stories & anecdotes (that SO looked like the fish from Finding Nemo – I was yelling at my screen, “Dena! DENA! I so see it, I do!”) and I could have kissed you when you decided to “fix” those dots on your bag because, even though I am NOT a perfectionist stamper (I’m SO not – my motto is, “It’s homemade so it’s not supposed to be perfect. If you want perfect go see Hallmark, ha!”) for whatever reason those two not quite solid dots were driving me crazy as well! And I am SO guilty of the sticking my tush out method AND I also do the tongue out of the side of my mouth simultaneously Stace all the while crouching too! It’s like a damn workout I tell ya!
    This is the first time I have ever “met” you, seen your work or any of your videos & my dear, I am hooked! I mean the beyond adorable reindeer alone had me hook, line & sinker as is but then, that video?!? Um yeah, you’ll be hearing a lot more from me! (Oh lucky, lucky you… Hahaha!!!) You have SO inspired me even further to not only start the blog that everyone tells me to begin but also do videos myself – I have this feeling mine would look a lot like yours (or I should say, I would hope they would! I would most definitely be doing the, “Hey wait, I HAD an envelope to show you… Where did I put that??? LOL!”) Quick question – I ADORE the surface that you’re working on – the slatted wood that looks almost distressed? Or maybe just older? Is it a farm style table? I just gotta know!
    See? Like I said, I just can’t do short – my “comment” is as long as your blog post! LOL! So sorry about that! Thanks again for a fantastic project & video & I’m SO looking forward to future ones!
    BIG Inky Hugs,
    Christine aka The Stampin’ Ninja

  6. Absolutely adorable!
    Will you please clarify something for me? Did you use the large oval punch or the extra large oval punch? You and Connie use different ovals in your supply lists listed on your websites. I’m guessing you meant the extra large oval punch?
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful idea!


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