Friday Quickie New Catalog Preview


I had to post this pic–I love it–but the result was that we were one selfie too slow and could not get into Westminster Abbey yesterday 🙁

Hello everyone! 

After completing my post to go with the video, the internet went out YET AGAIN as I was hitting post, so this will be a quick post for you!  I am so sorry!  the internet and I are not getting along internationally!  I am sitting in Heathrow Airport waiting to head to Barcelona!  

SIP48 2



SOOOO CUTE! Swirly Bird is an awesome set!  I literally can't wait to keep playing with it!

SIP48 3

Sorry for the super quick post–the one I finished last night was way better but I am at the mercy of weird internet! 🙁

Thanks again so much for stopping by!  If you have loved these projects and can't wait to get some of the things I've used, I would be so grateful if you would purchase them through my online store!  Every time you order through The Creativity Cave, my heart soars, and I think of more ways to inspire you through my awesomeness and amazing stamping projects!  It means so much to me that you let me into your craft rooms and devices! 😉 I love that I can share my passion with you!  But don't forget, there are lots of perks for ordering from The Creativity Cave!!  I have a fabulous VIP Rewards program that I cannot wait to welcome you into!  Lots of great things that go with it.  You can read about it here.  Don't forget to use April's Hostess Code YFVSXRJH.   THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT–I am so grateful for each of you!!  Happy Stamping!

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  1. It looks like you’re having a marvellous time! Thank you for continuing to share and post whilst you are away! You’re awesome!


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