Fashionista Purse Stationery Set

I've had a few people ask to see wht this looks like…here it is (and there will also be a riding-hood red purse with the candy-lane printed papers.

This class is offered Saturday and next Tuesday–and if you'd like the class but can't make it–please let me know and I'll make one for you!!



The purse is filled with coordinating cards and envelopes and even a coordinating pen…it is ADORABLE (if I can say so)…

Makes a great gift (or a fun project to keep for yourself!!  Cost is $18

Thanks so much, by the way, for all your wonderful prayers and comments regarding this post:

I really appreciate hearing from so many of my dear friends, and sweet new friends that I've never met–you are all so kind.  I feel just fine–my shoulders are still a bit sore (I think I have a few knots that need to be worked out) but I am absolutely perfect!!

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