Decor Elements are Here!

Stampin Up has just unveiled a brand new line of awesome vinyl decor elements for decorating your home–they are easy and economical and they are NOT permanent!  Very cool!!  They are ready and available for purchase!!  Blow the pictures I have a link to the entire line!  The great part is there is even a training video for you to watch so you can see how easy it is to apply them….check it out here.

Decor1 The picture frame and the wall element are both done with the decor elements.  They come in white and chocolate (and one comes in kraft) and some come in different sizes.  The possibilities are endless!!


Decor3 This is the one that comes in Chocolate and Kraft.  PRETTY!!

Decor4 Where were these when I had Carl????

So sweet!!

To see the whole line, click here.  This is the first phase and I suspect we will learn much more about this at Convention (I go at the end of the month).  As soon as I put mine up (they just arrived) I will take pictures and post them for you all to see!! 

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