Cards for the troops

Hi everyone!  Well, I am doing it again…CARDS FOR THE TROOPS!!  We are making even more cards this year…1,350 cards!!!!  There are 270 boxes going so we need to include cards for all those boxes! 

So, here is what I need: 

  • Come over and help!  We will be stamping Friday from 10-7 (I think) and Saturday from 10-2. 
  • Bring a friend, co worker, even a kid (ages 8 and up, please)
  • Sponsor some supplies (at my discounted rate):  Here's what we will need:

   1.  Colored cardstock: $ 4.55 (20 needed)…NO MORE NEEDED!!!

2.  White cardstock: $6.21 (10 needed)….NO MORE NEEDED!!!!

3.  Adhesive $3.27 (10 needed)  No more needed…THANKS SO MUCH NANCY!!!!

4.  Envelopes $5.38 (30 needed) Got 'em all!!!!!….Thanks so much Cathy and Chery, Sherry, Lisa, Deb, Cindy B, Jan S. and Stephanie, Susan, Julie, Sherry B!

UPDATED: Thursday Morning:

At this point I just need envelopes!! THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO SUPPLIES: Deb, Lisa S, Nancy, Cathy, Cheryl, Michelle B, Peg, Mary W, Chris H, Carmen, Pam, Gloria, Sherry, Barb W, Julie, Susan, Jan and Nancy at Karen's Print Rite!!

Any help with envelopes would be greatly appreciated!  I also need more help stamping!  Today we are working from 10-2 and as of last night we had about 500 cards done!!  I need to complete about 1,350, so there is still a ways to go!  🙂

Thanks again for my helpers yesterday: PANERA BREAD, HyVEE College Square Bakery, Peg, Sherry, Susan, Deb, Paula, Lisa, Julie, and Kris, (even Ella and Sydney her friend, helped out!!)!  You guys are the best!  I really appreciate your efforts!

Please let me know if you would like to sponsor any of the items above, and please spread the word for our project!!  We always have lots of fun, and I promise to break up the work…not 100's of the same thing over and over!!  This project is really dear to my heart because it is one small thing I can do to make a small difference with my business.  A few cards may not be a big deal to some, but I think giving a service man/woman a card to send to their child on their birthday, their wife, their mother is really great, and even better to send them a card thanking them for doing what they are doing.  I can't imagine their sacrifice and I am so thankful they are protecting our families–I want them to know we truly appreciate them!!
Please contact me with any questions you may have!!
THANKS SO MUCH!!  I have to remember to take pictures to post so you can see our busy efforts!!

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