Cards for the Troops Update

I thought I would update you on my cards for the troops project–and the upcoming stuff that is going on:

I delivered just about 1000 cards to Iowa’s Bravest to be included in their holiday boxes.  The soldiers have already recieved the boxes and we’ve already had wonderful comments from them (see below) I’ve also included pictures of the cards we sent at the bottom of this post.

The cards we made for these boxes, while a small contribution have such a wonderful impact–thanks so much to each of you who have donated your time, stamping, writing in cards, and certainly your supplies!! 

When I delivered the boxes to Julie (the Iowa’s Bravest coordinator), she said she had a bunch of domestic calling cards (that obviously wouldn’t work abroad) so she wanted to send Christmas cards to the soldiers that are wounded so they could call home over the holidays…and she was going to BUY Store cards…I certainly couldn’t have stood for that, so I volunteered to give her cards (oh, and to write in them)…so I have most all the cards done–I just need to finish writing in them (and I need another 500 envelopes)…so if you could help, that would be great.  I am planning on working on them Saturday, so if you would like to join me to help, please stop by from 10am-1pm!

Also, the Courier came out and took pictures and are doing a story on my little project (should be in the paper between today and Sunday–I’ll let you know when there is more info!!).

One more thing–there has been an e-mail circulating that if you want to address one more of your own christmas cards and mail it to "A Wounded Soldier" c/o Walter Reed hospital that it will be delivered–that is FALSE…they will not deliver anything that is not addressed to a specific individual–that is why I am working with Iowa’s Bravest to make sure the cards we send go to specific people.  Julie has a contact at the hospital who can help us out!!

Hope you enjoy reading the responses below…it is so nice to hear their thanks, and that our contribution makes a difference in their lives (I only included a fraction of all the comments).

November 15, 2007



‘s Bravest Team:

My name is Major Steve Boesen, son of Kay Boesen of


, currently serving on my deployment, this time to


as a combat advisor to the Afghan National Army (ANA). I am an Active, Guard and Reserve (AGR) officer in the Iowa Army National Guard and deployed here with three combat advisor teams from


. I have been here over 6 months and serve in the




along the


border in eastern



I want to take a minute to thank you for all you have done, not only for Iowa Soldiers, but our other Soldiers in the US Army. As someone serving over here, I can tell you the support we have gotten and continue to get from the American people is a tremendous combat multipler. Soldiers generally serve in very austere conditions, often disconnected from home and getting care packages makes a world of difference to us. It is good to know that we are not forgotten, though we are all very proud to serve and protect this great Nation.

On behalf of our Soldiers over here, I am humbled by your efforts to support us. Keep up the great work!

MAJ Steve Boesen
Team Chief, 3-1-203rd Corps ETT

23 November 2007

My name is Mathew Gore, and I’m serving with D Co, 1-168 Infantry in


. I just wanted to take a moment to say "Thank You" on behalf of all the soldiers who received care packages from your group. There wasn’t a single one of us who didn’t feel humbled at such a show of support and caring. If it wasn’t for people back home standing behind us, none of us would be able to do this job. So please extend our heart-felt thanks to your members and volunteers.

Mathew Gore
D Co, 1-168 Inf


26 November 2007


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for sending the care package it makes being here just a little nicer during the holiday season.  I’m sending a Pictures from our Huey squadron.  We are here teaching the Iraq Air Force to fly helicopters and stand up four different helicopter Squadrons.  The


guys are mostly teaching


206 civilian helicopters, which is doing all the initial entry flying.  Thank you from all of us, we shared some of the food with the Iraq Air Force pilots here. They seem so happy when you share candy with them.  It gives both of us a chance to understand our cultures. Thanks CW3 James Pingel

Img_3736_2 This is what 1000 cards looks like (not including the envelopes we also included!! 🙂

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