Can You Hear My Squeel??


So I had an epic weekend stamping!!  I really can't believe how awesome things went making samples and coming up with my truly own designs!!  I made a lot crazy cute things, if I can just say so myself!! Today's post comes from the "after thought"!  Have you ever stamped and known things were winding down as far as your creativity is going?  I thought I was done, but I was looking through a catalog and saw a cute country wedding banner and turned it into a card!!  I was so excited and proud of myself I did that internal squeel…however no one here had any appreciation for what I had made, so I texted my BFF.  She would get it!  Her response was priceless (and not appropriate for my blog!!)  That is probably why I love her so much!  I still can't believe my awesomeness on this project!!   I hope you like these cards, too!!  Super easy–just takes a few minutes to glue-dot everything down–they didn't take long–that is my definition of a fantastic card! Supplies below–click on the link to order!




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Itty Bitty Shapes punch pack


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