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Tim Dodd Photography Cedar Falls Iowa vists friend Taylor Morris. Taylor is a quad amputee who lost his limbs while serving in Afghanistan

I am pretty sure this photo is not what you'd expect to see when you read the headline to today's post, but I am certain you will be.  This is the story of about the most inspirational person I know of (and that is coming off the Olympics, where I cried every night…)  When I first heard about this story, I was heartbroken, it is cruel, terrible and aweful….but everyday when I read about the updates my heart sings.  Taylor Morris is a HERO from my hometown.  He was injured in Afghanistan in May, loosing his arms and legs.  His story is here :

It is written by his friend, Tim, who took the photo above and who shared an amazing story of courage, determination and what I believe is who I'd love my kids to grow up to be like!

You can also see Taylor's Blog (written by his girlfriend, Danielle and his mom, Juli)

One of the things that I'd like to do this year are cards for a cause.  While I am certainly going to continue my cards for the Troops efforts, I wanted to do some other projects as well (you know, spread the love).  My husband suggested Taylor as the first reciepient of my efforts, and went on to add that we should make cards for Danielle as well!  Well, you bet we should!  I truly cannot believe how amazing these 2 are and I really encourage you to read about them.  They are so inspirational and exceptional people!  I think they represent all that we hope America to be:  Determined, Fighters, Believers, and simply won't accept anything but success!  I am inspired and I hope you will be to!

Please come to a class or club during August to support our efforts to flood Danielle and Taylor with some love from home as they work on Taylor's recovery in D.C.  Today and tonight is your first opportunity…drop me a line to join us!



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