Amazingly Amazing!


I am so diggin' this card! I have to give major props to my friend, Mercedes!!  She made little treat bags similar to these so I totally made a cute card from that inspiration!  I changed up a couple of things–very simple!  Hope you like it!  I am trying to surround myself with some fun happy things as using technology is really conspiring against me today–ever feel that way?!  I used to think I was fairly technologically useful.  Today I feel old and lame (usually I am pretty level-headed about this stuff but I feel like a TRULY old woman).  Like how we felt about our grand-parents' use of technology back in the day…as in what's the internet?  What's an electronic mail?  That is how I feel today!  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO HARD?!?!  Grrrr!!!!  I think some stamp therapy will help!

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