A WHEELY great tutorial

I'm sorry for that title…I couldn't help myself! :)  The other day, during the blizzard, I got into a groove and came up with all of this….

I was looking at the cover of our latest Stampin' Success Magazine (it is the monthly magazine that all demonstrators recieve from Stampin Up–it has stamping ideas, business tips, contests, and more).  There was an ADORABLE sample that had "LOVE" on it and I was trying to figure out where that came from…and then realized that it was from the I {Love} Love wheel (the wheel that coordinates with the I {Heart} Hearts stamp set from the Mini).  I of course love that set and I wanted to use the Love–but rather than just inking up that part of the wheel, I thought…CUT THAT BABY UP!  So here is what I did…

IMG_0178 This is the wheel–look for the seam.

Cut along the seam with a craft knife.

The cut seam allows you to peel off the rubber easily (some of the adhesive may remain–it rubs off easily).


Now take your craft and rubber scissors (remember the ones you used to cut your stamps out with)…you need something to do with those lonely scissors anyway, right?! :) Start cutting it up! You can actually get 18-19 different images out of the wheel depending on how you cut them!   Here is what I came up with:

Trim really close around each image.  Now that we have clear blocks you can use the images on them and see much better where you are stamping them when you go to use them.  I used an A, B, C and H block to stamp all of these…you don't even need that many…all you need is a little strip of sticky strip on the block and then stick the rubber to the block…it is really easy and works over and over!

You can see on the first one I stuck the sticky strip on the rubber…then onto the block.  When I took it off the block, the sticky strip stayed on the block (which worked great because then I just stuck the next piece of rubber on when I was ready).  I ended up re-using the block with different pieces of rubber SEVERAL times and it was still sticky!  I was glad to see they would interchange so easily!

This is what it looks like mounted!

So you may be thinking, how do you store these little rubber gems? 

IMG_0194 I put 2 lines of sticky strip at the bottom of my plastic case and then I ended up needing another strip on the opposing side (you'll see it in the next pic).  All the rubber stuck to it–and there were no problems with it interferring with the actual stamps in the case or the other pieces.




This is the first project I made…very simple and super cute (if I can say so!!) 
This is a card that I made using the Hugs notes and the new glassine envelopes–ran them right through the Finial Press embossing folder.  The colors are Rich Razzleberry and Basic Black. How pretty!  I got the idea for this from my upline, Tami and my good friend, Chari shared it with me!

This is probably my favorite card because you could never do this without a stamp positioner except now the clear blocks let you see the way…. :)  I did practice stamping this a couple of times for the arrangement on my scrap paper.

This is a cute little Love note…I was thinking I could tuck this in Ella's Backpack for a little sweet note for her…she would love that and someone needs to start writing love notes to her who is not her little boyfriend at school…sheesh! 🙂

Nope, nevermind…this one is my very favorite!!  This is very loosely based on a card they showed us at Leadership–but it really is only similar in the colors.  LOVE LOVE LOVE it…and it has the Fine Flourish individual stamp from the Mini.

Another fun card!

Don't forget about using the wheel as a whole…I really love it!!  By the way, this is the "LOVE" that I was talking about when I saw the cover of our magazine at the beginning of this…Isn't it cute!?

Here is a fun card and if you are in my Hostess club, this card is made with some left over strips from the card we made at club–I always have left over strips when I cut cardstock…I finally put them to good use!

This card has the full wheel in the background as well, but it is hard to see..,

:)  Another fun one!

And finally, if you think it is really fun to cut these babies apart, here are some other suggestions of wheels that you can cut apart:

Batty (p. 26 of main catalog)

Bright Blessings (p. 27 of main catalog)

Hero (p. 67)

Friendly Words (p. 100) this is the very best one!!  Lots of great sayings–but you have to sacrifice one of them because there are 2 intertwined sayings.

It's Beautiful (p. 106).  WHile this is not a word stamp, I love some of the images in this wheel as stand alone stamps!

HOpe you like it…do you want to see more tutorials like this on my blog?  Leave a comment to let me know!  

8 thoughts on “A WHEELY great tutorial”

  1. I have to say, the idea of cutting up a wheel makes me cringe. BUT I love the end result! I may just have to do that myself. Your cards look great and I love the images. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. I forgot about how you showed us this with one of the wheels last fall. Having this on your blog is a great reminder……and now with the clear blocks, it makes so much more sense. Great idea to store it right with the matching set. Would like to see more tutorials!

  3. I can’t wait to try this! You’re not the only “lazy” stamper, lol. Thanks for sharing your idea and all the great tips you have for storage and ease of using these images.
    -mary in NJ


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