A quick update…

One week ago, my computer died for the second time in 7 months.  Lost the hard-drive again!  I still don't have it back yet and the hours and hours of work I lost on there are kind of crippling me.  I am working hard to catch up and my dear husband just bought me a brand-new computer!  However, as with all things technical, it takes time. Please stick it out with me a few more days and I will be better than ever!  I have done some awesome stamping and have several videos ready to shoot as soon as I am back up and running!

I'll be back soon!


1 thought on “A quick update…”

  1. May I recommend Carbonite backup?! You can get a discount by linking through Kim Kommando’s web site. Then you’ll never loose anything again. It’s well worth the $50 or so it costs!


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