A Painful Dose of Reality!

Aloha and Good Morning!

IMG_3188 We were visiting some of the waterfalls, here…It was really beautiful (and rainy on one side of the island, warm and dry on the other).

We had such a good time–very relaxing and so wonderful to get away…but very painful flying home to 6" of snow (10 hours late) late Saturday night in Cedar Rapids…UGH!!

It is so unfair when it had been so nice the few days leading up to our trip and I was painfully aware that I only had shoes with holes in them when I looked out at the blowing snow! ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_3153 The color of the water was AMAZING…You know that I love the turqoise family of colors (Cool Caribbean, Baja Breeze, Taken with Teal) and the water seemed to have all those colors in them…I suspect Heaven could be something like that!! ๐Ÿ™‚

The sand on this beach was "SOFT" and squishy.  It was really soft–not "crunchy" sand–I'm not sure why, but walking on it was wonderful!

IMG_3394 Here we are after our Helicopter tour of the volcanoes…Do you see the permanent smile across Andy's face?  He was SOOOOOOO excited that we were able to sit in the front with the pilot.  What a treat!

If you have never flown in a helicopter, it is so smooth and almost surreal–you are just floating over the land–it is so amazing–I can see why the pilot (with 39 comforting years of experience) would love doing what he does!

IMG_3345 Here is one of the pics we took from the Helicopter–the steam is from where the lava is actually going into the ocean…very cool!  We didn't see much red hot lava, but a little…see next pic…

IMG_3328 This is a pic also from the helicopter–it is a skylight–or a hole in the solidified lava where you can see hot molten lava (red) below…

This may not look like much but it was SUPER cool!!  There are several of these, but usually steam and gases are coming out so you can't see much of the red!!  We were all excited!

IMG_3124 They do have make and take projects for us to do, too!  (Really, what would a SU trip be without at least a little stamping?)

We each recieved a box (cute, huh) with a brand new stamp set from our next catalog, ink pads, a package of brads, sticky strip, a marker and 4 projects to make…I did 3 of the 4…afterall we were in paradise…it should be spent on the beach reading all those darn Twilight Books! ๐Ÿ™‚

These are some of my stamping friends, Amanda, Suzie, and Julie!  Julie was adorable and was impressed that I could talk and stamp at the same time…I thought that was kind of funny! ๐Ÿ™‚

That is it for now….except to say Maholo…THANKYOU for allowing us to have such a wonderful trip–each of my customers is a precious gift to me to have this opportunity and I am so thankful to each of you!!  I would take you all with me if I could!


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